Monday, 02 March 2020 09:39

National Seminar on Big Data and Business Analytics

SuryadattaInstitute of Management and Mass Communication organised one day National Seminar onBig Data and Business Analytics on 28thFeb 2020at Radhakrishna Hall.The main objective of National Seminar was to provide insights on applications of Big data and business analytics in various domains.

The event was inaugurated by Professor Dr. Shailesh Kasande (CEO & Group Director, SGI), Mr. Sunil Dhadiwal (Dean-Corporate Relations, SGI) and Ms. Shreya Pal (Associate Director, Cognizant). Dr. Shailesh kasandewelcomed the audience by highlighting the importance of Business analytics in today’s scenario.Various eminent speakers from industry conducted the sessions.

The first session by Ms. Shreya Pal (Associate Director, Cognizant) on Applications of big data in life sciences, focused on what exactly Big data means, difference between RDBMS and Big data system. She covered the use cases in Life sciences which helped to understand terms like bigdata, Cloud, IOT and ML with humorous example. Finally, she highlighted the technical and implementation challenges faced by data analysts.

The next session was conducted by Mr. Pravin Bhosale (Founder,Samyak Analytics) on Monetising Advanced Analytics in Financial services domain. He emphasized that near future will be customer centric for ongoing enhancement with proper controlled management of risk and reduction in rise of fraudulents through Analytics and machine learning.

Post Lunch session wasdelivered by Mr. Charles Valentine (Solution Specialist, IntelimentTechnologies ) on key areas and recent trends in Business Analytics. He elaborated the various terms related to business analytics.

The last session was conducted by Mr. Sameer Jain (Senior Assistant Professor, NICMAR). He highlighted on Business analytics for the construction, real estate, infrastructure and project management (CRIP) Industry.

The seminar ended with valedictory function with esteemed presence of Hon. Dean, Professor. Dr. Parag Kalkar (Faculty of Commerce and Management, SPPU). He emphasized various business analytics applications in day to day life and focused on how Analytics will change the future.

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